Apple approved our latest version of our beloved RPN calculator, xyztCalc.  Version 1.1.3 now features variable decimal points and added a settings menu where you can also reset the calculator.

The idea behind xyztCalc is develop a simple calculator with big buttons which is thumb operable, for quick everyday use.  We call it “the zen of RPN”.  It’s behavior is that of the famous HP RPN calculators such as the HP-41CV/X, HP-42, and HP-49.

The project also serves as a learning tool to learn the iPhone SDK and Object Oriented Programming, in particular Objective-C.

You can download it on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/xyztCalc or go to http:www.xyztCalc.com as a way to put a little something in our tip jar.

the zen of RPN(TM)


In my quest to learn about iPhone development, I decided to post video tutorials on certain aspects which I found difficult to learn from the documentation though the concepts ended up to be rather simple.  I am posting videos on youtube to provide tutorials which I hope you find helpful.

Here we develop an application presenting multiple views using using a tab bar controller.  The tab bars presents a web view and a map view.  We also add icons to the tab bar items.

The video is a lengthy, and goes into more depth with explanation of what the code does.  Not just a how to, but also a how so.

The source code can be downloaded on github (see info section on youtube), or go to the link here:


Hello world!

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